Grace Christian School Alumni Association

We are proud to announce that our latest featured graduate is Susannah Jones, from the Grace Christian class of 2015.



"After graduating from Grace in 2015, I went on to study Management and Child & Family Studies at Baylor University. I graduated this past May and couldn’t have asked for a better college experience! I could talk about how much I love Baylor and Texas all day long if you let me.


College helped me further define my passions and my mission that God is directing me in. Up until March of this year, I had been planning on staying at Baylor to get my Master’s of Social Work degree. Two months before graduation, I felt God calling me down another path. I started job hunting and looking around at different mission opportunities I could do. After searching Young Life’s job page one night, I came across a position as the Operations Manager for Karama Collection.


Finding this company and talking about how I was led here is one of my favorite God-things. Karama Collection is a non-profit, social enterprise that works to alleviate poverty by restoring dignity through creative, purposeful work for artisans! We work in the slums of several different African countries and Haiti. We provide fair trade wages to our artisans and sell their products. The driving mission behind Karama, besides providing dignified work, was to support Young Life Africa and Young Life Haiti. Since the beginning we have been able to sponsor over 5,300 children going to camp to hear about Jesus. God is doing truly incredible work in these nations and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this mission. Check us out see what great work we’re doing:


I moved to Evansville, Indiana this July for work and have been getting settled up here. Being close to Nashville is the best. Any free time I get I’m traveling somewhere new and exploring. I’m so thankful to Grace for my education and relationships built during my time there! Hope y’all are all doing so well!"