Grace Christian School

Alumni Association

We are proud to announce that our latest featured graduate is Kirsten Willis, from the Grace Christian class of 2015.

During my time at Grace, I had many great memories ranging from preparing for homecoming, being selected to homecoming court, being a part of academic groups, and participating in school volunteer experiences. However, my best memories by far are related to sports. I was a part of three state championship teams while at Grace and will never forget the joy of experiencing those moments with friends and teammates. Sports also gave me the opportunity to display the skills that God blessed me with and to share my faith with hundreds in attendance, by far the most impactful memories I have from Grace. I am thankful to Grace for the academics provided and for the chance to freely live out my faith. 


Growing up, I was always real quiet and loved to follow in my brother’s footsteps. If I was around him, I felt secure and comforted by his ability to talk and carry on a conversation with anyone. As I approached my high school graduation, I was nervous about how I would fare at college with a new set of people I had never spoken to before and without my brother.


I chose to attend Louisiana Tech University to pursue my dreams of being a doctor. I was paired with a random roommate who became a good friend during my first year of college. We enjoyed making new friends, eating together, attending campus functions, and even taking a couple classes together. During this time, I learned about myself and how I was capable of making my own friends while also handling the schoolwork that came with a tough major. I met my now fiancée, who attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe, in my second year of college. He was majoring in pre-med as well, which allowed us to help and push one another through the journey. I graduated college two quarters early and achieved a lifetime goal of maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I know that this goal was achieved by putting in hard work and being dedicated. I never gave up on my goal and am beyond thankful to my family and fiancée for their support, but above all, I would not have made it without my faith in God.


Following college, I applied to the University of Shreveport Medical School in 2018, where I was rejected my first year. It was tough to not be accepted, but looking back I realize it was all in God’s plan. I retook my MCAT (medical college admissions test) and improved by 7 points. I began working as a surgical and sterile processing technician in my time off to improve my application, and to also consider if medicine was the right path for me. At the hospital, I began performing scientific research for an orthopedic surgeon and am currently writing a research paper with the intent of getting published. In 2019, I applied to the DO school in Monroe, LA, which is newly constructed and beginning in July of 2020. A DO is a doctor of osteopathy, which is a doctor with the same training as a medical doctor; however, they have an extra 200 hours of training in manipulative medicine. DO’s are taught to assess a patient as a whole and to discover underlying issues, not just the symptoms present. I attended my interview and was accepted three days later into the inaugural class of 2024. Following God’s plan for my life, I now have the opportunity to attend DO school with my brother and fiancée who have also been offered interviews.