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Community Partners--Social Connections

GPS (Grace Parents in Service) FACEBOOK PAGE

​GPS is the parent organization at Grace Christian School.  We offer support wherever needed for the faculty and administration. There are no dues, no mandatory meetings or secret handshakes. 

We  communicate  primarily through our Facebook group of the same name, GPS (Grace Parents in Service).  This Facebook page is a great way to stay connected with each other!  Click "request to join", and an administrator will add you to our group.  We have parents who have been at Grace for 15 years and parents who have been at Grace 15 days.  Basically, if you claim us, we'll claim you.  It's a great way to view and add pics of school events that could possibly be placed in the yearbook!

Not sure what talents you have to offer?  We cook meals for the teachers several times each year.  We help teachers plan parties throughout the school year and assist with plans for field trips.  We cut out crafts for Pre-K classes. We volunteer to weed flower beds and probably most importantly, we pray for our teachers, administration and students.  If your family has a prayer requests, feel free to post on the group page and let us cover you in prayers.  

If you want to get more involved with the school, we want you, we need you and would love to have you join us.  Either the high school office or elementary office can give you phone numbers for GPS members who can answer any questions you might have.

Kroger Rewards:

Grace Christian School can earn money each time you shop for groceries.  Using your existing Kroger Plus Rewards card, simply add Grace Christian to your account using organizational # 82313.  

Box Tops for Education:

Grace Christian School participates in the Box Tops for Education Program that allows us to earn money for our school.

Here is how you can help:

We all shop for groceries, sometimes two or three times a week - or more. Now turn those shopping trips into easy cash for our school, and encourage friends to do the same!

Just look for the Box Tops App in the App Store of your phone.  Download the app, choose Grace Christian School in Alexandria, LA as the benefactor, and start scanning your receipts.  That's all there is to do.  No more cutting and taping labels.  Easy as can be!  

Community Coffee:

Grace parents and grandparents love coffee and we are thrilled when our friends and family save the Community Coffee labels for us.  Please send in these labels to the main office. We will submit them for rewards cash each January.



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